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Pinturas Fierro is a paint company serving national users, but also exporting to three continents. Pinturas Fierro is definitely committed to sustainable products and, in that sense, we have conducted an important work in the past years to develop our waterbased product portfolio. We work hand-to hand with our suppliers, and we strive every day to keep developing new products, more eco-friendly and sustainable, providing at the same time the best protection to our customers.

Pinturas Fierro - Productos línea solvente

Solvent Based 

Products with different polymer nature that protect and beautify metallic surfaces dissolved in organic solvents. Products based on classic and modern technology delivering great yield and effectiveness; for simple or special applications. 

Pinturas Fierro - Productos línea agua


Product's of Organic nature, modified to be compatible with acueous systems without renouncing performance. Technological assets which allows users to reduce volatile organic compound's emmissions in a wide percentage and be respectfull with the environment. 



Experts in steel protection
All the colours available
Fast and efficient processes
Non metallic material's protection



Special products for each customer
We expertise all liquid coatings systems.
Water and solvent based products for airless, airmix, electrostatic and aerography applications.



Laboratory and formulations in constant development.
Artificial weathening tests
International standarts
New developments