Gama de productos base agua


Products of organic nature, modified to be compatible in water-based systems without sacrificing effectiveness. Modern and technological products that allow to reduce VOC emissions in a great percentage, therefore being environmentally friendly.

Imprimaciones base agua


First layer of the paint system. Provides anchoring and adhesion to the whole system over the surface to be coated. They are eco-friendly products that generate a great defense against corrosion.

Esmaltes base agua


State-of-the-art water-based product. It constitutes, generally, the layer that terminates the paint system. It provides protection and the tipe of finish desired for the coated good. In pinturas Fierro we have a wide range of products both for air-dry, forced-dry or baking applications.

Monocopas / Directos al metal base agua

Direct to metal (DTM)

Water-soluble coating applied as a single layer that completely protects and gives the desired finish as a monolayer, in a single application. Saves both, application time and drying time.

Especiales base agua


Products lying out of the other products' specifications

Water-based solvents

Water-based solvents

Engineered solvents intended to get an intensive cleaning. Every product is designed to be used on a specific family of water-based coatings.