Pinturas Fierro

Pinturas Fierro is a family business whose roots go back to the XIX century, where the ancestors used to apply handmade coatings to railway bridges.

In the 20’s of last century, the youngest son of the next generation, Ataulfo Fierro, founded a small paint shop where he and his family  dedicated to elaborate and sell artisan coatings. 

Ataulfo Fierro; pinturas, esmaltes y barnices.

The third generation, Ubaldo Fierro, sets what could be called a small factory, as he had a small electric machine that could process up to 5 Kg of paint per day.

The fourth generation of the family, in hands of Ataulfo Fierro, with chemical engineering knowledge, establishes the headquarters at the actual location, in “Valle del Cinca” industrial area, in Barbastro. By then, we were a growing company focused on serving the spanish industry, that develops new products and sells them nationwide.



Logotipo coorporativo antiguo

Now, the fifth generation has already been incorporated to the company, with the clear goal of modernize the way we work, generate new lines of products and make good use of technology to be part of the state-of-the-art of the sector. The company has a capable, talented human team that helps us to achieve our daily goals.

Pinturas Fierro is a paint company serving national users, but also exporting to three continents. Pinturas Fierro is definitely committed to sustainable products and, in that sense, we have conducted an important work in the past years to develop our waterbased product portfolio. We work hand-to hand with our suppliers, and we strive every day to keep developing new products, more eco-friendly and sustainable, providing at the same time the best protection to our customers.


Empresa Pinturas Fierro