Gama de productos Base Solvente


Products with different polymer nature that protect and beautify metallic surfaces dissolved in organic solvents. Products based on classic and modern technology delivering great yield and effectiveness; for simple or special applications. 

Imprimaciones base solvente


Anticorrosive and functional protection layer in a coatings system. Film of remarkable importance as it is the one connected to the surface to be protected. In Pinturas Fierro we assure that our products generate a tested adherence and reliable for a superior protection.

Esmaltes base solvente


Layer of protection in a coating system that tends to be applied in the last place. It embellish and complete the protection process of the surface to protect. In Pinturas Fierro we provide all sorts of gloss and textures giving the client the final desired aspect.

Directos al metal base solvente


Protective and modern coating technology that yields excelent anticorrosive protection properties in one single layer. Specific products for companies with big working loads as these products achieve speed and effectiveness in the painting system. 

Especiales base solvente


Our laboratory of R&D&I developes special products for solving specific problems of the manufacturing companies. We are a professional team at our client's service.

Aditivos base solvente


We offer industrial preparations designed to modify the characteristics of the coating in case of need. Usefull in trouble solving.

Disolventes base solvente


Nesesary and recomended tools for the correct application of the coating layer. We dispose a variety of solvents with different chemistry nature to help our customers in surface application, paint application and tool's cleaning.

Decoración base solvente


Selection of products for decoration and general metallic protection. Sustainable products that obbey the Spanish VOC 2010 law regulation. Ideal for profesional painters and DIY. Range of products born with industrial technology applied to decoration for users.